Family photography

Today's little moments become tomorrow's precious memories

A family photo shoot is a must. Come together to create your own, unique family portrait! Plus, you’ll spend an unforgettable moment all together.  We offer different themes from time to time, do check out our affordable family photography packages


A professional corporate photography head shot is what defines your image and shows potential clients and prospective employers who you are. A great head shot brings out your personality, confidence and approachability. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and today that often means a photo on a social media website, profile or name cards.

Corporate photography

Everyone needs a good business profile headshot


No party is ever complete without a photobooth unlimited instant prints

We seen guests mount on our unicorn head, put on sexy aprons and cool glasses. In other words, we have fun all year long to weddings, corporate events, birthday parties or whatever reason you need a photobooth! Therefore hire us for your next event because we are worth it for sure!

Photobooth setup

Have you ever been to a party when you got a little tipsy and forgot all the details? That is one good reason why you need us there! We will bend into the guests, we will always be snapping away at important moments. Oh, candid moments are the best in our books!

Event photography

While you party & dance We shoot

Wedding Photography

Tell us your story today and let's create something unique

Every wedding is unique, and there is a love story to be told in completely different ways. When documenting your day, if we see something special, we try to capture it in a split second as creatively as time allows. Unstaged and candid.

I think we are doing a pretty good job

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  • Shaun Sng Avatar
    Shaun Sng

    Googled up Shoot You SG and took up a halfbody package. They were super responsive, they gave great "model" instruction... read more - 1/12/2021

    Melina Yap Avatar
    Melina Yap

    Very patient, friendly and professional photographer, he will make you feel at ease. Will definitely recommend to friends and also... read more - 12/30/2020

    Ben Koh Avatar
    Ben Koh

    The studio has a very comfortable dressing room to doll up before the shoot, and many nice backdrop props. Photographer... read more - 12/27/2020

    Raj S Avatar
    Raj S

    My work partner and i got the half body portfolio packages and we are very pleased. Enquiries were responded to... read more - 12/13/2020

  • Sue Ann Chan Avatar
    Sue Ann Chan

    Spacious, neat and organised environment, efficient and customer-service oriented. Simply love the value for money, honest, no hard selling and... read more - 12/03/2020

    Rosary Lim Avatar
    Rosary Lim

    Awesome experience with the team!! I can't express how grateful I am for both their professionalism and swift responses to... read more - 11/26/2020

    Bridget Tan Avatar
    Bridget Tan

    Excellent choice for studio professional photography!

    I'm not a fan of having my photos taken, often very self conscious.
    EC who is...
    read more
    - 11/23/2020

    Noel Singgih Avatar
    Noel Singgih

    It was such a great experience working with these guys! Friendly engagement that put you at ease and what a... read more - 11/23/2020

  • Jonathan Lau Avatar
    Jonathan Lau

    Fun and professional team to work with. Highly recommended! - 11/22/2020

    sharon Lim Avatar
    sharon Lim

    1. Instant response to original query;
    2. Photo studio was spacious and provided tips (best facial angle, left / right; hand...
    read more
    - 11/21/2020

    Junyi Loo Avatar
    Junyi Loo

    Professionally guided during the photo-taking session; provided with constructive feedbacks when choosing photos; and received quality photos the day after.... read more - 11/19/2020

    Jan Rubiano Avatar
    Jan Rubiano

    Had an extremely positive experience with Shoot You Studios. The photographers were very accommodating, patient, and efficient. Highly recommended! - 11/19/2020

  • Alex Low Avatar
    Alex Low

    Quick response, friendly staff, pro photographer - KB. Highly recommend.Keep up the good work. - 11/19/2020

    Shane Wong Avatar
    Shane Wong

    Good service and professional! - 11/12/2020

    Lance Tsan Avatar
    Lance Tsan

    I enjoyed this fuss-free experience with ShootYouSG. The photog was able to give helpful suggestions on posing and finished product... read more - 11/12/2020

    Nicholas Yu Avatar
    Nicholas Yu

    Had my photo taken by KB, place is opened by a couple of passionate photographers. KB was very patient and... read more - 11/05/2020

  • B Chua Avatar
    B Chua

    Well done EC, prompt and professional. If you are going for a high quality corporate head shot try this and... read more - 10/29/2020

    Koushik De Avatar
    Koushik De

    EC (Chang) was very patient and gave me the space and time to process my thoughts as I reviewed each... read more - 10/29/2020

    carousel yans Avatar
    carousel yans

    Really pleasant and great experience to take the corporate photos with KB. KB also made the effort to help us... read more - 10/29/2020

    Steven Lock Avatar
    Steven Lock

    Friendly and profressional. They are clearly experts in what they do. The entire photo shoot went very smoothly and the... read more - 10/26/2020

  • Sara S Avatar
    Sara S

    The guys were great. Very friendly. Great quality pics, reasonable price and good service. Highly recommended. - 10/26/2020

    Goh Lynn Avatar
    Goh Lynn

    EC is very friendly and professional. He guided us throughout our corporate headshot and he is someone very easy to... read more - 10/26/2020

    Pei Yu Avatar
    Pei Yu

    Took my corporate headshot with them. They were responsive to the queries that I had prior and even after the... read more - 10/26/2020

    Tin Min Ying Avatar
    Tin Min Ying

    Very pleasant and good experience! My first time doing a corporate photo shoot and the photographer made feel at ease... read more - 10/26/2020

  • Fender Dre Avatar
    Fender Dre

    Very happen with the results and the experience itself. Wife gave me a surprise and took me for some professional... read more - 10/26/2020

    W W Avatar
    W W

    Highly recommended. Wanted to get a last minute corporate headshot on Sunday. KB was very responsive. Photoshoot process was smooth... read more - 10/26/2020

    Janani G Rajan Avatar
    Janani G Rajan

    Extremely happy with the whole experience. Everything was so professional and well done. They never rushed on anything. Was very... read more - 10/26/2020

    Regine Chew Avatar
    Regine Chew

    We had a seamless and enjoyable time with ShootYou! The studio is quaint and neat and the photographer made us... read more - 10/26/2020

  • Daniel David Avatar
    Daniel David

    needed to do a corporate shoot quickly and they didn't disappoint! thanks for the great work! - 10/26/2020

    Francesco Maioli Avatar
    Francesco Maioli

    Good and professional, approved - 10/26/2020

    Camille Avatar

    Very professional and friendly. I received the pictures very quickly the same day I did the photo shoot. - 10/26/2020

    Meas Bonald Avatar
    Meas Bonald

    Professional and friendly. Give good tips to hold position. Nice editing . Thanks again - 10/26/2020

  • Theng Theng Cheah Avatar
    Theng Theng Cheah

    Cozy studio and the photographer was very patient in teaching us how to pose. Got the photo in less than... read more - 10/26/2020

    Louis Sin Avatar
    Louis Sin

    Had a corporate and liftstyle photoshoot done and very pleased with the quality. prompt response after sales service. highly recommended!! - 10/26/2020

    Isabella Tan Avatar
    Isabella Tan

    Did a corporate shoot with KB and enjoyed the whole process! He made sure I was comfortable and at ease... read more - 10/24/2020

    Alex Soh Avatar
    Alex Soh

    Had a corporate shoot done here a few days ago. The whole process was very enjoyable. My photographer was EC... read more - 10/09/2020

  • Aloysius Teo Avatar
    Aloysius Teo

    I was searching for individual casual shoots and came across Shoot You SG webpage. Felt that their rate was reasonable... read more - 9/26/2020

    Lim Xiu Ping Avatar
    Lim Xiu Ping

    Excellent service. Very patient and good suggestions on poses. Will recommend to my friends. - 9/26/2020

    Adam and Me 365 Avatar
    Adam and Me 365

    KB was easy to work with and have provided great inputs in order to get a good shot. Very happy... read more - 9/26/2020

    Wei Liang Chee Avatar
    Wei Liang Chee

    An extremely enjoyable experience. Great vibes and professional staff! - 9/26/2020

  • Jocelyn Tan Avatar
    Jocelyn Tan

    The team was very prompt in getting back to me on my enquiries. In a short span of 3-4 days,... read more - 9/26/2020

    Srivats Hariharan Avatar
    Srivats Hariharan

    Visited this studio after calling in to take a corporate shot. Mr. EC was very professional and patient and... read more - 9/26/2020

    Vinnie Chan Avatar
    Vinnie Chan

    The photographer is professional and patient in guiding customer. Highly recommended for professional portrait and family photos. - 9/26/2020

    Cayden Pang Avatar
    Cayden Pang

    Fuss free professional corporate shoot by very easy going crew. Photographer is very easy to work with and the photographs... read more - 9/26/2020

  • Damien Goh Avatar
    Damien Goh

    Great place to visit for professional photo shoot for your corporate photograph. The service is excellent, professional and prompt.... read more - 9/26/2020

    Zavier Avatar

    Great experience! Session was very comfortable and accommodating. Would recommend this place without a doubt - 9/26/2020

    Timothy Sim Avatar
    Timothy Sim

    needed a quality corporate photo asap, they delivered a good one with editing the next day. and the photos and... read more - 9/26/2020

    Danny Ouyang Avatar
    Danny Ouyang

    Responsive and professional; overall, I'm very satisfied with the shots and final images received. Photographer was very accommodating and selection... read more - 9/26/2020

  • Kelly Yoong Avatar
    Kelly Yoong

    Very friendly photographer who was attentive to my needs. Made me feel at ease during the shoot. Very responsive to... read more - 9/26/2020

    cecilia tham Avatar
    cecilia tham

    having my corporate headshot taken by EC today. He was extremely friendly, professional and accomodating.I and my friend really enjoy... read more - 9/26/2020

    AMY DO Avatar
    AMY DO

    We went to get a corporate head shot taken. I and my husband were impressed by their team. They were... read more - 8/26/2020

    Kwong Boon Lim Avatar
    Kwong Boon Lim

    Good advice, professional and efficient, enjoys the photo shoot session. - 8/26/2020

  • Madalene See Avatar
    Madalene See

    Great team and quick turnaroundAccommodating to our requestEnjoy the session - 8/26/2020

    Prasanna Shiridi Avatar
    Prasanna Shiridi

    Very professional and smooth - 8/26/2020

    Eileen Chen Avatar
    Eileen Chen

    My hubby and I had a fantastic time at Shoot You studio. From the moment you walk in, the entire... read more - 8/26/2020

    Keith Chew Avatar
    Keith Chew

    Great Experience working with this knowledgeable individuals.Highly recommend!They photos taken are great! - 8/26/2020

  • stanley teo Avatar
    stanley teo

    Great photos and efficient service! Will come back! - 8/26/2020

    Liuqing Yu Avatar
    Liuqing Yu

    Very good experience at the studio. KB is very friendly and professional. - 7/26/2020

    Ezio Nalin de Paulo Avatar
    Ezio Nalin de Paulo

    Very good service, very professional. Recommended!! - 7/26/2020

    k w Tay Avatar
    k w Tay

    Went to get a corporate head shot taken and I was highly impressed by KB and team. They were extremely... read more - 7/26/2020

  • Philip Avatar

    Responsive and good customer service attitude. That's what I like.Photographer have good phototaking angles skills and they will advice which... read more - 7/26/2020

    Giselle Yao Avatar
    Giselle Yao

    Friendly staff, will guide you professionally in posing for shoot. - 7/26/2020

    Ken Xu Avatar
    Ken Xu

    Good service, provided professional suggestions. Photos are well taken and edited. - 7/26/2020

    Amanda Ong Avatar
    Amanda Ong

    Did a corporate shot with them, the first shot was already the best! Highly recommended. Photo was sent to me... read more - 7/26/2020

  • Jane Astrid Avatar
    Jane Astrid

    Recommended photo studio in Singapore, from personal, family, to corporate photos. Was needed urgent corporate headshot and they accomodate within... read more - 6/26/2020

    Malcolm Sunny Avatar
    Malcolm Sunny

    Thoroughly enjoy my experience with them. Very professional and good value. - 6/26/2020

    Nesh Patel Avatar
    Nesh Patel

    Really glad with the friendly service and professional work. Great studio ambience. Responsive in making an appointment for me and... read more - 6/26/2020

    Jong Chen Foo Avatar
    Jong Chen Foo

    Fantastic attitude and customers' service. Would recommend to other friends and family members too. Fast turnaround time for the photo... read more - 6/26/2020

  • Mabelline Woon Avatar
    Mabelline Woon

    I came to take my family portraits, extremely satisfied with the overall product and affordable rate - 6/26/2020

    Faye Avatar

    Staff were really helpful while i was planning for my 21st birthday party, and executed the photobooth perfectly during the... read more - 3/26/2020