Pretty amazing print speed

Let's be real here, you want a photobooth at your event which means you want prints! Everyone loves prints to bring home, put in nice album, on your fridge or anywhere you like. Our high speed printers have a awesome speed of only 8 secs a print! No more long lines while waiting to get the photo printed. Right, we treasure our prints very much and i am sure you will too. All of our prints come with a protected plastic sleeve so you can keep your prints for a long long time!

4R Prints

4R (4" by 6") is a good size - the common size you see around most photobooths. Suitable for all events for sure! People love big prints!
Recommended poses 1 - 4

2R Prints

2R (2" by 6") - We call it, the bookmark. A great hit at a party, 2 poses or more which allow guests to change their poses, props! What makes it more exciting is that, it can be made into a moving gif and uploaded into your social media! Let's talk more about that later.
Recommended poses 2 - 4

Half 4R Prints

4R (4" by 6") but we fold them into half therefore you get a front and back photo! You can have photos of the booth on one side, a pre-wedding photo of you on the other! There are a lot of ways to design the template, it is all up to your own imagination.
Recommended poses 2

Other sizes or media

Fancy other print sizes? Talk to us, let us know!